Mulanya Di Sini…..

Way back in the year 2007 at level 17 of Menara Maybank Kuala Lumpur, Maken, my colleague who was sitting next to my workstation, commented that the pet shop where he bought Satchin, his male australian silky terrier, had contacted him that a girl is looking for a male silky terrier to mate with her female same specie with the intention of producing puppies.

I paid not much attention to it as I was not very interested in dogs. But as Maken continues to rattle on this subject, it appears to me is that Maken is looking for a ‘comfort dog’ for Satchin first and foremost and having puppies is secondary. Rena, my other colleague, turns around and said that Maken is about to become a grandfather as if Maken is marrying Satchin off and start a family.

The conversation continues for a while longer with us teasing Maken on his upcoming grandfather status and how much dowry he is giving to the girl side. Apparently there is a basic rule in place for this type of arrangement. If it produce one puppy, it goes to the girl side, 2 puppies- one each, 3 puppies- 2 for the girl side and one for the boy side and so it goes on. I asked why the lopsided arrangement where the girl side took a bigger share of the puppies and Maken said that the girl side have to take care of the medical fee of the pregnancy.

Then one morning in October, Maken announced that the union had produced 5 puppies. We congratulate him on his new status as a grandfather. Out of the 5 puppies, only one is a male. He said that he is taking the only male puppy to give to his wife’s friend who had requested for one.

About a week or so later, that friend returned the puppy to Maken.

And so it begins here …..


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