Towards the first meeting

Back at the home front, I started talking about having a dog and at the same time, testing the water. It was hot. Their reactions hovers around the ringgit and sen thing. ‘It will be expensive la’ ‘You got a lot of money and time is it?’ ‘A lot of work la…. clean his shit, bathe him, take him to the vet and so on..’ ‘If I got free time, I may as well take a nap’ Whatever their comments were, I seemed to have heard nothing except the one from my niece which was ‘Yeah’.

Time waits for no man and the months keep rolling by including Christmas day. Then one Friday in January 2008, Maken suggested I take a look at the puppy first. I think he had planned for this already as before I could say yes or no, he told me to meet up on that coming Sunday at the pet shop cum vet in Taman Segar KL where he will take the puppy for his second vaccination. Without telling Maken whether I will be there or not, that day comes to an end and while driving home from the office, I was thinking about this for the first time.

Calvert had says he wanted this puppy but there was no concrete confirmation from him except he did ask when is the puppy coming. What if he went back on his word (or had he gave his word to take this puppy?), will I be able to cope with this puppy? There were no answer to this. I really don’t have any idea.

Sunday January 20, 2008, I found myself at the pet shop cum vet. Maken was so happy to see me there and he quickly went in and took out the puppy. It was so small, a small ball of black/brown fur. It was so light, I can even hold it with one hand. He was cute.
the first meeting

That meeting lasted for 10 minutes and had to returned to the vet for his vaccination. I went back after handling the puppy back to Maken.

Fate is working overtime on that day.


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