Immediately the next day on Monday at the office, Maken asked how was it. I just smiled and say I will think about it. No more discussion or any mention about this for the rest of the week until Saturday when packing up to go back after office (we worked alternate half day on Saturday then), Maken say that he will bring the puppy to my house on Sunday and asked me to fenced up the gate. With that he gave me his typically wide smile and went off.

And dutifully on the way back, I dropped by the hardware shop to get some wire nettings. I did also stopped by a pet shop to get a plastic bowl and ask the people there what food to gave to a puppy and was introduced to a puppy formula. They asked me what type of dog and I answered a silky terrier. I ended up buying the plastic bowl, puppy food and a brush (to brush this type of dog long hair, I was told).

I reached home and also dutifully fenced up the gate. A neighbour walked by and asked me why I am fencing up the gate and I answered, its to keep out the dogs. But on second thought, it should be to keep in the dog.

Sunday 27 January 2008, Maken came at around 4.00pm with the whole family. He brought the puppy and just put it down on my drive way and hand me some milk powder and then the whole family (who were still inside the car) yelled ‘Goodbye Junior!” and left.

The puppy was in a daze. He looked at me and I looked at him. Then he get up and ran towards me. I picked him up and take him inside the house.

This puppy was not originally intended for me. After 4 months, since his birth, he is now at my doorstep without me even asking for it. Its like he is looking for me all this while and could be my best friend in our past lives. Like it or not, at the back of my mind, I think I am going to spoiled him bad.

Finally, fate has accomplished another mission.


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