pee and poo

That evening, I prepared some of the milk that Maken gave and put it into the new plastic red bowl. I was expecting that he would run to it and licked it all up. But he just gave it a few licks and went away and lay down on the towel that I had prepared for him earlier on the dining room floor. I was sitting on the floor watching him. He looked up at me and it was then I notice his soulful eyes. It was a pair of sad eyes. Maybe he missed Maken’s family or he is frighten of being in a new strange place. I was wondering what am I going to do with him?

He got up slowly, taking small and slow steps, he walked towards me with his head down and eyes stealing glances at me. When he reached by my side, I patted his head and holding him with both hands, I lifted him up to look at his face trying to assure him that he is in good hands. Suddenly, a wet tongue came and gone in a nick of time leaving me with a wet nose. And then I saw a little tongue hanging from a cheeky smiling face. I let him down back on the floor and he was dashing everywhere excitedly. I found out that he does not know how to climb stairs nor down. So for now he is confine around the kitchen and the dining which are just next to each other and on the same level while the living room was at a lower level.

I cleaned out the bowl of the milk and refilled it with the dog kibble that I had bought. He gobbled it all in no time at all. I decided not to bother with the milk anymore. That night, I left him downstairs making sure that I leave a small light on in the living room so that it won’t be total darkness at the dining area. I went upstairs to retires for the night. I checked later in the night and found him in the kitchen in total darkness. For the whole night he did not bark or whine. That was good. A well behaved dog so I thought.

The next morning, as I had to leave for work early, it was still dark. I came down and switched on the kitchen light. Lo and behold, there he was running towards me. And behind him, on the middle of the kitchen floor, there was a pool of pee and a few lumps of poo near to the toilet door.

Our adventure is about to begin.


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