his name is max

The week following his arrival, I saw myself visiting the pet shops in Jalan Sultan more often during lunch break. Buying anti pee spray, anti smell spray for the poo, shampoo (which I actually take a smell first as if I am buying it for myself). None of the spray works. Cleaning up after him is beginning to worked up on me. Maken said that I have to teach him to pee and poo at a certain place by observing him. When he is smelling at a certain place, it means that he is looking for a place to do his business. If that happened, quickly take him out or place a newspaper somewhere and leave him there until he finished doing his business. But how am I to observe him when I am at work and return in the evening to see all the pee and poo at different places of the kitchen and the dining?

Take him back to the pee or poo and whack him with a rolled up newspaper, Maken had said. After a few times, it didn’t work. I found it is more taxing and stressful on me whacking and scolding him than cleaning up all his business. After each whacking session, he would just sit on the floor looking at me with pleading eyes and wondering what its all about that I am doing to him. He did not even utter a noise or whine. He just keep quiet. Until this very day, when I show him the cane or rolled newspaper, he will immediately sit down and waiting for the punishment, whatever it is. It is only when I read some books that a dog may not know or understand why you punish him if the offence is committed more than 15 minutes ago that I stopped whacking him. Imagine, he is innocent if the punishment comes after 15 minutes of the offence.

It is only the first week and I am beginning to feel stressed out. The next thing I bought from the pet shop was a cage which Maken had insisted before. In order to prevent him from doing his business every where, I have to caged him during the day when I went to work. Also, Davi, my cleaner lady, whose comes once a week, say that she is afraid of dog and also insisted that I put him is a cage if she comes over every Wednesday.

Whatever it is, the anger that had been built up will be melted as soon as he comes and licked my hand. This bring a smile back to my face.

Meanwhile, perform a search on the net “What is the most common name for dog?”

By now, his name is Max.


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