Max is mine

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. How to hide Max from the family front? For all the negative reactions I received when I tested the water, I don’t think I want to introduce Max now. It was just barely 2 weeks that Max came. Then, Calvert who said he wanted Max and would come over daily to clean up, said he wanted to take Max back to his family home for new year in Malacca. It is also for him to test the water there, his mum who will eventually be taking care of Max. The plan was, he will take Max on Wednesday (eve) and I will take a bus to Malacca on Sunday and we will return together in his car. Chinese New Year was on 7 February 2008 (Thu).

I am still hoping that someone will take Max off my hands. But it was not meant to be. When I reached Calvert’s Malacca home, I saw Max running happily in the bungalow compound. Ah.. I thought. It would be a nice place for Max. But when the mum saw me with Max on my lap, her welcome was very lukewarm. I can guess there and then that she is not very keen in having Max, another dog added on to the husky. I was stroking Max on my lap and he licked my hand. It was then, after some thoughts, that I told myself I am going to take Max fully.


Max is 4 months plus and the pictures above shows how small he is then. How not to like him?

Max is mine now.


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