Settling in

The Chinese new year holidays came and went. Max is still ‘hiding’ from the home front. Max has almost or already settled in or is it that I am settling in?

I visit pet shops more often and bought toy bones, treats and what not. If I feel that he does not like a certain dog food, I will change to another brand but lamb meal is still a prerequisite. It was like a monthly affair changing the dog food but he takes it all the same. I am controlling myself not to give him lots of junk food in the hope that he remain healthy. But, these endeavours, proof in later years resulted in Max becoming a fussy or choosy eater. He has been on solid food ever since he came over. I had never give him soft food like milk, porridge or even ice cream. He doesn’t know how to eat these in later years.

During the day, I usually fenced him within the kitchen to restrict the area for him to do his business. All was well until one day I returned to see the mess he can make in the kitchen. The dustbin was over turned and rubbish everywhere, my shoes was all over and for a puppy not even more than 2 kg, he can dragged my golf bag with full irons from one end of the room to the opposite side of the room. This golf bag easily weighs around 5-7 kg. It really amazed me to see what Max can do given his size at that time. The days that follows, he stay in the cage while I’m at work until one pet shop I’ve visited suggests that I get some fence to make a pen so that he could have a bigger space rather than locked up in a small cage. I did bought some of these fence but not for a pen but to fenced up the area to prevent him from accessing it.

Max still does not know how to climb the stairs nor going down the steps leading to the living hall from the dining. He will play with his toys on this level and wait for me to carry him down. I will just leave him down stair when I retires for the night up stair.




Another thing is that Max likes to play with water and every evening while I am watering in the garden, he would happily gets wet and then ran into the house in the living area and ‘boogie’ out all the water on his body onto the floor of the living hall. After doing that, he will happily return to the garden for a second round. So in order to prevent him from doing this, I will put him on the dining level until I finished watering the garden.

That arrangement was the best until Max learns to climb the stairs.


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