new frontiers

Max would follow me wherever I go. Every evening, after all the chores are done, I would sit back and read the papers. And Max would be at my side. One evening, I sense that there is something missing while reading the papers. Max was not at my side. He was still at the dining area. I must have forgotten to put him down at the living hall or to prevent him from getting wet while I do the watering at the garden. I looked at him and he returned the look and at the same time trying to attempt to get down the few steps to get to me.

I put down the papers and went to him. I assessed the situation and decided to teach him how to go up the steps first. It would be easier than going down the steps. I put him down at the bottom of the step. I put his 2 front paws on the first step and then lifted his two hind legs and put it on the first step too. He is now standing on the first step on all 4s. I repeat these for the second step and the third step is history. Clever boy, I said to him. It was a nice feeling seeing him going up the steps. I put him back at the bottom step to let him try again but Max got other thoughts. He ran straight up the stairs to the second level and he headed straight to my bedroom. The happy face he radiate then was a sight to behold. How happy he is running here and there discovering new frontiers.

After a while absorbing Max happy face, I return down stair. But Max is still up there at the edge of the stair looking down at me. I laughed at him. He doesn’t know how to come down.

I went up and carry him down. While trying to figure out how best to teach him to go down the stair, Max took a big leap from the dining level to the living hall, a height of 3 steps. After landing, he turned round and look at me grinning and sticking out his tongue at me, ‘See I can jump now’. After that, he went up and down the steps like a pro.

Max taking his first step coming down.

Max taking his first step coming down.

By now, Max is set to conquer new frontiers.


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